Published by the Royal Signals Institution, in two sections and with supporting appendices, this book records all honours, decorations and medals to Royal Signals since May 1920.

Giving primacy to awards for bravery, the first section of the book puts the various awards in context by taking a chronological tour through the history of Royal Signals in three eras—the campaigns of the inter-war years, the Second World War, and global conflict and insurgency since 1945. The second section comprises the register of awards. Revealing undiscovered citations for bravery awards, it includes all honours, decorations and medals for gallantry and distinguished services on operations, awards for non-operational service announced in the Birthday and New Year honours lists, foreign awards, the Polar Medal, and a full register of over 6,500 mentions in despatches and various King’s and Queen’s commendations for bravery and valuable service. Finally, there are eight supporting appendices—six record awards to various Empire and Commonwealth signal units inextricably linked to Royal Signals in time of conflict or war, one records awards to Auxiliary Territorial Service and Women’s Royal Army Corps all ranks who served with Royal Signals, and one records awards to Queen’s Gurkha Signals.

The book will run to approximately 900 pages and will be illustrated with photographs and maps. It will be published in the spring of 2020 in two formats: A numbered, limited edition will be case bound and cloth-covered with the cover, headband and page-mark ribbon reflecting the Corps’ colours. The spine and front cover will be gold foil-blocked. The second format, for general release, will be hardback with a printed paper case. Both editions use high-quality paper from sustainable sources. The limited edition will only be available via this website and the author. The general edition will be available through online retailers or by ordering through local bookshops. More details of how to purchase the book will appear here later in 2019.

Honours, Decorations and Medals to the Royal Corps of Signals
for Gallantry & Distinguished Service

General Edition ISBN: 9781916264311

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