The Campaigns Roll of Honour

The Campaigns Roll of Honour Title Page

Locations: The Royal Signals Memorial Chapel, St. Martin & St. Oswald’s Garrison Memorial Church, Catterick and The Royal Signals Chapel, All Saints Church, Blandford.

The Campaigns Roll of Honour commemorates those killed in the various campaigns in the inter-war period and since the Second World War. The earliest campaigns in both periods overlap with the wartime commemorations of the CWGC. Royal Signals had maintained a list of those killed on operations for many years but it was not until after the Falklands War in 1982 that this was turned into the Roll that can be seen today. It too is handwritten on vellum and two copies were made—one for the Corps’ Chapel at Blandford and one for the Memorial Chapel at St. Martin and St. Oswald’s Garrison Memorial Church, Catterick.

The Roll records the surname, initials, and rank of 221 Royal Signals all ranks from: [links to each of these pages to follow]

North West Persia, 1920

Waziristan 1921-1924

Palestine 1936-1939

Waziristan 1936-1939

Palestine 1946-1948

Malaya, 1949-1960

Korea, 1950-1953

Kenya, 1953-1955

Cyprus, 1955-1959

Borneo, 1963-1965

Arabia, 1964-1967

Dhofar 1969-1976

Northern Ireland, 1969-2007

Falkland Islands, 1982

Namibia, 1989-1990

China, 1941

Egypt, 1947-1954

Iraq 2003-

Afghanistan, 2006-