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As the project progresses, details about the book and some of the stories behind the awards that it records will feature here. Follow the blog and get the stories as soon as they are published. If you like what you read, share it and pass the word about the project.

Roger So Far

The other book being published this year about Royal Signals in its first 100 years is Roger So Far. Written by members of the museum staff and with contributions from many others, this is a richly illustrated tour through the century looking at the people, the technology, and the events that have shaped the Corps … Continue reading Roger So Far

‘Class ‘B’ Mentions’—Rewards for Valuable Services Published in The Times during the First World War

As I was working through one of the registers for distinguished service awards, I came across an anomaly. The obituary in The Wire for Major General A. C. Fuller CBE—the inventor of the Fullerphone—records that he was mentioned in despatches four times and that he did not receive the Victory Medal. These statements are at odds—if he … Continue reading ‘Class ‘B’ Mentions’—Rewards for Valuable Services Published in The Times during the First World War


Many will be familiar with the evocative Corps painting ‘Go To It’ by Peter Archer, which features the indomitable Corporal Tom Waters on his dash across Pegasus Bridge at Bénouville on the Caen Canal. Earlier he had rescued a man wounded by machine-gun fire, one of the party originally tasked with laying that line to … Continue reading D-Day

‘Who are they? Where are they now?’

The photograph above appeared in The Wire in June 1959 under the heading: ‘Who are they? Where are they now?’ The accompanying caption was: Taken outside the W.O’s and Sergeants Mess S.T.C. (I), Jubblepore, India, 1931? Reading from left to right, (Standing): C.S.M. H Hartley, D.C.M., M.S.M., CQMS Andrews, M.S.M. (Seated): RQMS Nixon, RQMS Earwaker, M.S.M., RSM … Continue reading ‘Who are they? Where are they now?’