Operational Casualties – Z

See Commemorating Royal Signals’ War Dead.

PAL/8549 Driver ISRAEL ZASLER, Prisoner of War (formerly No. 3 Line of Communication Signals).
-Captured during the Battle of Greece in April 1941 and arrived at Stalag VIII-B at Lamsdorf (Łambinowice, Poland) in August 1941, he died as a prisoner of war. Driver I. Zasler was one of six Palestinian Royal Signals soldiers to die during the Second World War and the only one of the 39 who were captured to die in captivity. Most of the prisoners managed by the camp at Lamsdorf worked elsewhere and Zasler had been sent to work in a labour detachment (E-561) of over 360 prisoners in the coal mines at Jawozno near Auschwitz. On 12 February 1943, another prisoner, PAL/23245 Private Ezra Nasser of the Palestinian Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps, hit a German mine worker and was taken to the guard whom he then attacked. The guard responded by shooting Nasser and Zasler. Nasser was killed and Zasler died of his wounds later.
-Both men were buried in Jaworzno and their remains were reinterred on 10 July 1948 at Krakow Rakowicki Cemetery, Poland.
-Commonwealth War Graves Commission: Yes
-Royal Signals Roll of Honour (Second World War): No