Commemorating Royal Signals’ War Dead

This page is under construction and not yet complete.

During the course of my research it became clear that there were errors and omissions in the two Royal Signals Rolls of Honour (one covers the periods before and after the Second World War and one covers the Second World War) and in the commemorations recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the Armed Forces Memorial. I hope over time that these errors can be corrected; indeed, many have been already. If anyone wishes to help with this process, please get in touch using the About & Contact page.

The errors occurred for several reasons. In the case of the CWGC, many mistakes appeared in the online commemorations when the paper records were digitised; most of these are minor and easily corrected. In addition, wartime casualties missed off original lists continue to be identified, particularly from the First World War. Finally, some information missing from official documents used to create the commemorations has been revealed by the widespread digitisation of other records. In the case of the Second World War Roll of Honour, omissions from the original lists account for the majority of errors and there are some minor mistakes with the transcription of regimental numbers and so on. In the case of the Campaigns Roll of Honour there are some minor errors of detail and, again, the recent digitisation of records has allowed the identification of omitted personnel (and some included erroneously). There are also some anomalies when the Campaigns Roll of Honour is compared to the commemorations on the Armed Forces Memorial.

It is worth explaining where Royal Signals’ casualties are commemorated. The links below will take you to the relevant page:

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