Captain Myles Bertram Courtney

Born on 27 March 1904 in New Wortley, Yorkshire. Commissioned from the Royal Military College, Sandhurst into The Royal Welch Fusiliers on 27 August 1924. From 1929 to 1935 he was seconded for service with the Royal West African Frontier Force. On 8 December 1935 he married Penelope Curtois Lakes Howard (the daughter of J. C. Howard KC, Attorney-General of the Gold Coast, later Sir John Howard, Chief Justice of Ceylon) in Paignton, Devon. Appointed to a commission in the Indian Army on 7 February 1936, he and his wife travelled to India after the honeymoon. Captain Myles Bertram Courtney, 3rd Battalion, 16th Punjab Regiment was killed in action on 9 April 1937 at Shahur Tangi. At the time of his death his wife was visiting her parents in Ceylon, where her father was Legal Secretary; Captain Courtney was due to proceed on leave to join them on 18 April. His widow sailed from Ceylon for England alone in June 1937. He is commemorated on a memorial in Holy Trinity Cathedral Church at Sialkot, and by a glass window in the deconsecrated St Mary’s Church (the Garrison Chapel) at Castletown, Isle of Man.

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