Operation Plainfare – The Berlin Airlift 1948

The Royal Signal museum’s ‘On This Day‘ series has a short piece about the Berlin Airlift.

The Army effort was directed by Colonel L. de M. Thullier OBE, Chief Air Formation Signal Officer, Headquarters British Air Forces of Occupation. His account of the operation and the part played by 11th Air Formation Signal Regiment appeared in The Wire in March 1950, which is easily found in the archive.[1] Other unit articles can be found in various editions from 1947 to 1950.

The importance of the work and the manner in which it was executed resulted six award to the Regiment, announced in the 1950 New Year honours list:[2]

Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel A. T. Sladen

Warrant Officer Class II (Squadron Sergeant Major) G. M. Derwent

British Empire Medal:
Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant (Foreman of Signals) C. P. Bolton, for his work establishing a new teleprinter room at Headquarters British Air Forces of Occupation.
Sergeant S. F. Caird, NCO i/c Lines, 67 Wing Signal Troop.
Sergeant N. S. Richardson, 112 Terminal Equipment Troop.
Signalman P. Cowley.

1. (Back) ‘Operation Plainfare’. The Wire, March 1950, pp 91-93.
2. (Back) London Gazette, 2 January 1950; 38797.

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