Roger So Far

The other book being published this year about Royal Signals in its first 100 years is Roger So Far. Written by members of the museum staff and with contributions from many others, this is a richly illustrated tour through the century looking at the people, the technology, and the events that have shaped the Corps and that have been such a vital component of the British Army.

From the book’s blurb:

‘Since 1920, the Royal Corps of Signals has provided the British Army’s central nervous system, enabling orders to be delivered and information to be exchanged, principally at the higher levels of command. It has been crucial in supporting the vast majority of military land-based operations after the First World War. Its importance is growing because conducting successful operations is becoming increasingly reliant upon being able to operate in a congested and contested electronic battlespace. ROGER SO FAR does not aim to tell the full story of the Royal Corps of Signals, since much of the Corps’ work now and in the past is secret. Instead the book is a celebration of the Corps’ achievements and the ability of its soldiers to use innovation and improvisation to deliver results beyond all reasonable expectations. As well as acting as an historical record, including reminiscences covering several aspects of life within the Corps during its first 100 years, it seeks to stir memories and to inform those who are serving, or have served in the Corps, as well as to inform those who have not served and those who may be thinking of doing so.’

Roger So Far (ISBN: 9780750995412) will be available online  via the publisher History Press, and other outlets. The book will be available to Regular, Reserve and Retired Corps members, their families and to people who work or volunteer for the Corps or in support of the Corps at heavily discounted prices during the Centenary Year.  Precise details regarding price and how to order copies will follow in due course; understandably, Coronavirus may cause some delays in its release.


  1. I would like to buy this book for my brother who served in the Royal Signals for his 60th birthday can you tell me where I will be able to purchase it.


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