‘Who are they? Where are they now?’

The photograph above appeared in The Wire in June 1959 under the heading: ‘Who are they? Where are they now?

The accompanying caption was:

Taken outside the W.O’s and Sergeants Mess S.T.C. (I), Jubblepore, India, 1931?
Reading from left to right, (Standing): C.S.M. H Hartley, D.C.M., M.S.M., CQMS Andrews, M.S.M.
(Seated): RQMS Nixon, RQMS Earwaker, M.S.M., RSM May, D.C.M., M.S.M.,
RQMS Sowerin, M.S.M.
When the photo was taken: Total Service 133½ years. Total Indian Service
116½ years. Average Service 22 years. Average Service in India 19½ years.
Total Medals, 38. Average 6½.

The photo was, indeed, taken at the Warrant Officers’ and Serjeants’ Mess at the Signal Training Centre (India) at Jubbulpore but it was taken earlier than suggested, in 1929, before some of those listed returned to the United Kingdom at the end of their service.

In response to the question posed (somewhat late for the readers of the day!) I provided an answer, which appears in the most recent edition of The Wire (Winter 2018) on pages 84 and 85; you can read The Wire here. Clicking on the photo below will open up a pdf of the article.

The Wire, Winter 2018, pages 84-85

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